Being Organized at School

I just started school. Yaaaaayyyyyy (monotone voice). Even though this will be my most stressful year of high school, I am very excited to see what comes. I would like to say that I am fairly organized. I have a binder for each class, I keep my pens separate from my pencils, and I have everything color coded. Here are some tips to help you stay organized.

  • Color coding- This is gonna help keep everything separated and not mixing things up. It also helps if you do your notes in that color as well.
  • Binders- Having a binder for each class helps a lot. They are all different and colorful. I usually get 1 inch binder to fit everything I need.
  • Folders- I like folders and like like it when my papers are hole punched. I know I have everything in there and it won’t fall out.
  • Pencil pouches- These help me so much. I usually have one or two. This year, I have three maybe four. One for pencils, one for sharpies, one for colored pencils, and one for pens. I said ‘maybe four’ because my pens are in the thing they came in (I forgot the name of it).
  • Planners- I don’t really need a planner. If something is coming up or I need to bring something tomorrow, I will write it in my phone or on my hand. I know planners help a lot of people, so if you are a forgetful person. Buy a planner. They are less than $5.

Hoped you like those tips and good luck if any of you are going back to school. Let me know what grade/study you are doing this year.

Hoped you like this and see you soon. Bye! Xxx


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