Be Your Best at School

Summer is almost over. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. If you are like me and are terrified about school starting again, here are some tips to help you be your best.

  • Be organized – This will help you become less stressed when finding things for your class. Binders and pocket folders are a must have for me.
  • Get plenty of sleep – No, don’t sleep during class. You will get stressed because you skipped the lesson. Turn off your electronics 20 minutes before going to bed. Relax. And, get your 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Start with a good breakfast – I hear so many people say, “I don’t eat breakfast”. But, those are the kind of people who complain and stress over things. Eat a good and health breakfast everyday.
  • Study – I know this sounds stupid, but it helps. I don’t just mean study before a test/quiz. I mean study your notes everyday, make connections of your old notes with the new notes, and summarize the section on a note card for 10 minutes. This will help you not having to study right before a test.
  • Do activities – If your school has sport teams that play each week, go to the games. If your school has a dance coming up, go to the dance. These make your school experience fun. I have so many stories of dances, football games, trips, etc. You can go with your friends or meet new people.

Hopefully these tips helped you get ready for school. Good luck to everyone who is starting and have fun.

Hoped you like the tips and see you soon. Bye! Xxx


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