School. No

In two weeks, I’m starting school again. I am not ready for school! 1.) The district is making us start school early (before labor day). It is so weird because we have a four-day school week and a four day weekend. 2.) This year will most likely be the most stressful school year ever. I have to get ready for college, SAT, have all my credits in, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I value school. I am grateful to have an education. But my school is something. We have our good days. And we have our baaaaadddd days. The grade that I’m going into is the one that my principal does not like. *Mentally preparing for those lectures from him because I have to be with immature people*.

But honestly, I am excited to see what this school year will bring. Friends, classes, drama, etc. I can’t wait. Tell me if you like/liked school or didn’t. What was your favorite memory from school?

Thanks for reading and see you soon. Bye! Xxx


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