Blogilates: Summer Song Challenge

Do you like short workouts? Do you like Summer music? Well, these workouts are for you! *She says in an commercial voice*. Blogilates, on YouTube, is doing a Summer Song workout on her channel. One song, one, two, or three pilate based moves throughtout the song. These make you sweating like crazy and in pain for awhile. But great if you don’t have a lot of time.

If you never done pilates, it is okay. Don’t let it terrify you. It may seem easy, but it is not. Your really have to work to target a certain muscle group you are working on. But it is extremely fun.

Blogilates, Casey Ho, has done four of these workouts. Abs, cardio, calves, and obliques workouts. I really recommend doing these and let me know if you tried any of them. Which one is your favorite? Which one is the hardest for you? (Obliques for me).

Thanks for reading. See you soon. Bye! Xxx


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