Summer Jobs… Ew

If you are new here, hello first of all, and secondly you might not realize that I am a teenager. I’m still in high school. It is now the time of my life where I’m currently looking for my first job. I’m so grown up! (I don’t like it).

As of today, I have applied to 12 different places around me. And I didn’t hear from any of them. There are two problems to my situation. 1.) Most places want people at the age of 18 or older. 2.) Employers want you to have job experience (which sucks for us who are looking for a first job to start). Do I really have to lie to get a job that I’m gonna have for a year and a half or less? What should I do?

I need money for myself, but I want to have a fun Summer, Can I be a Kardashian please?

Thanks for reading. See you soon. Bye! Xxx


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