March Favorites

I actually did different things this month, yay me! I have things from music to fitness to food. This is what I have been loving during March. Zova- This is a fitness app that track your fitness score and has a lot of workouts for you. It encourages you after you done your workout and … Continue reading March Favorites


Book Haul!

I got two new books on the same day and I was so happy, That is a weird sentence, but I do get excited. Please like and comment below if you feel the same about book. I KNOW I"M NOT THE ONLY ONE! The first one is "The Lightning Thief" from the Percy Jackson series. … Continue reading Book Haul!

Can I be 8?

I was talking to my friends today about my childhood. What I watched, played with, and how I let my imagination flow through. I'm now 16 and I would like to say,"Growing up sucks." I miss playing games in the playground and pretend I'm "married" with someone who is swinging at the exact speed as … Continue reading Can I be 8?